oracle_calendar in python.

There are several blog posts out there decrying the woeful state of SOAP in the Python world. I shall not echo these in detail; suffice to say, they’re absolutely right.

Mind you, there is also a bunch of lack in the Oracle calendar SOAP interface: no WSDL, no querying of delegate calendars, a limited SOAP implementation that appears to have been written in terms of SAX events and that’s particularly sensitive to namespace declarations, and so on.

Anyway: I got enough of this working that I can query a user’s calendar in a fairly Pythonic fashion – for details. It’ll suffice to reimplement the guts of Shirley, the ILRT’s automatic receptionist.

This also marked the first time I’ve tried using new-style classes to augment the Python str class with a secondary attribute.

Having tested this tonight, we can indeed pull out a list of ilrt-visitor meetings, together with their organiser’s details (mailto and cn).

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