Solaris cluster, MPxIO, Zpools.

This is remarkably straightforward.

Two nodes, alike in dignity. We preconfigured MPxIO on them prior to installing the cluster software. We also allocated a small LUN that was visible to both nodes prior to the installation, and made sure they could see it: this was intended to act as a quorum device.

That just worked. Did the install on the first node (moose); it allocated a DID to the multipathed device, no problems. Bring in the second node (moron) and scinstall wound up identifying the to-be-quorum device as the same DID.

Finished the setup using scsetup to drop out of installmode and we were done. Next steps.

We zoned up the two nodes to be able to see our SATABeast pair that the first data LUNs would be coming off. (Note: I’d prefer that the quorum device actually hold some data too, but we were getting started first.)

We allocated a single LUN and presented that to moose only. On that host:

  1. Use fcinfo to scan for the new LUNs and get their multipathed device nodes created; /nfs/bin/luns is a handy script that does this for you.
  2. Use cldev refresh to allocate a new DID.

Fine so far. At that point (we were going a step at a time to check this) we LUN masked moron to be able to see the new LUN too, and repeated the process there. The existing DID now showed its availability on both nodes.

This worked so smoothly that in future I think we could simply mask all nodes to see the LUN, run /nfs/bin/luns on each node, then use cldev refresh all in one go.

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