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Using RT to expose, measure, and improve our performance

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

I keep on talking about “tool support” as being a vital part of any approach that attempts to address the problems of the department and I think it’s worthwhile spelling out what I’m going on about. I’m going to try to offer a concrete illustration of how we might use a software tool to help us with a number of the things I keep on bashing on about.

I use RT as the concrete example of a ticketing system, but if you are (rationally or irrationally) turned off it for some reason, replace it wih ANY lightweight ticketing tool that supports a rich set of inter-ticket relationships.

I’ll start by listing some of the problems the department has (if we didn’t have problems, there would be no need for an organisational rethink), then describe how one might utilise a ticketing system to help, and finally outline the benefits.